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H4 S.F. no brakes

Trailers for transporting goods

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Trailers for transporting goods
Trailers for transporting goods
MODEL H4 S.F. no brakes
Full load weight 750 / 500 Kg
Empty weight 145 Kg
Capacity 605 / 355 Kg
Max lenght 240 cm
Max width 150 cm
Height 130 cm
Carrying capacity 142x111x80 cm
Side panel height 60 cm
Flatbed height 50 cm
Weels 145-10

• Thick, hot-dip galvanised sheet metal profiled chassis

• Sturdy ring hooks on the platform to secure all types of load safely

• Long drawbar for better maneouvrability

• Shaped sheet metal loading platform

• Open-out tailboard

WHEEL 145-10 (RTA 004) Spare wheel 145-10

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